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Work Site Accident Clean Up

Serving Florida Victims of
Crime & Tragedy

Do you need Death Cleanup Services?

  • Industrial Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Workplace Death
  • Construction Site Accidents
  • Workplace Suicides
  • Workplace Trauma
  • Disinfecting/Odor Removal
  • Police Recommended
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • FL DOH Registered
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Unmarked Vehicles
  • Professional Crew
  • 2-3 Hr Response Time

Workplace / Industrial Blood, Bio-Hazard Cleanup

Call Bio Scene Clean Up if your property needs tear-gas cleaned up! Tear gas is a chemical substance used by law enforcement agencies as a non-violent means of extraction in a variety of ways such as; riot control or to force the surrender of a suspect of fugitive confined in a building. Tear gas clean up can be very difficult and hazardous for people to clean up and remove themselves. Tear-gas cleaning is not a simple cleanup that can easily be removed by following directions off the internet. Bio Scene Clean Up is a locally based crime scene cleaning company the specializes in tear gas cleanup and removal from homes and businesses. If your property needs tear gas removed due to a crime scene, police standoff or other crime from an apartment, condo, home or business you can depend on Bio Scene Clean Up to come thru for you. If property insurance is going to be used for the cost of the tear gas cleanup we at Bio Scene Clean Up can help with that as well, due to our experience working with insurance companies for tear gas damage cleanup.Workplace accidents or incidents are a common occurrence and Bio Scene Clean Up is here to professionally recover any work place accident or incident with care and understanding. Whether your work place has just experienced a tragic employee accident or worse- work place violence due to a crime scene shooting or employee injury or death, Bio Scene Clean Up can help. Bio Scene Clean Up is your local crime and death scene professional service that is locally owned and operated by Marc Onesta, with over 10 years experience in crime scene, blood and biohazard cleanup involving the work place. Bio Scene Clean Up has experience removing blood scenes from work places such as; convenient stores, machine shops, assembly factories, restaurants, office buildings, and many others. No work place accident is ever the same and having multiple years cleaning and decontaminating biohazards from the work place makes Marc Onesta and Bio Scene Clean Up fully qualified to handle any situation.

Bio Scene Clean Up is prepared to handle any industrial accident, workplace incident involving blood, tissues, body fluids that require biohazard cleanup at a work site.

Let Bio Scene Clean Up eliminate bloodborne pathogen hazards at your workplace, as well as any OSHA liability regarding improper employee cleanup of biohazards.

Bio Scene Clean Up has all required OSHA protective equipment needed to recover an incident at a job site.


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Bio Scene Clean Up is a highly specialized cleaning company that provides bio-hazardous and crime scene cleanup services to people involved in horrific situations.

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Bio Scene Clean Up is a highly specialized cleaning company that provides bio - hazardous and trauma scene cleanup services to people involved in medical emergencies.

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Suicides are a very unfortunate event for families to experience, and Bio Scene Clean Up is here to help with Suicide Cleanup Services if you ever need us.