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Murder Scene Cleanup
Homicide Cleaning Services

Serving Florida Victims of
Crime & Tragedy

Do you need Death Cleanup Services?

  • Murder Scenes
  • Homicides / Suicides
  • Crime Scenes
  • Self Inflicted Death
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Trauma Accidents
  • Natural/Unattended Death
  • Police Recommended
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • FL DOH Registered
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Unmarked Vehicles
  • Professional Crew
  • 2-3 Hr Response Time

How Florida Death Scene Cleanup Works:

Too often family members or friends struggle with the emotional trauma of removing the biohazard aftermath of a homicide or murder scene. Clean up should be the last thing on their mind. We strongly advise victims and family members to NOT cleanup a murder or homicide scene themselves – if possible. The tragedy of a murder or homicide can be extremely emotional and the cleanup associalted with a murder scene can be overwhelming. Let the professionals at Bio Scene Clean Up perform the murder scene cleanup of any blood, biohazards, crime scene dust and other crime related investigative evidence removed for you. Marc Onesta the owner Bio Scene Clean Up has been helping victims and families of homicide scenes for 10 years recover from the tragedies caused by these types of crime scenes. Bio Scene Clean Up takes care and understanding with each victim we help for our murder scene services, we follow a strict code of conduct that includes a privacy policy as well as arriving to each scene in un-marked vehicles.

Beware of non-local murder scene cleanup companies. Trust a local cleanup professional that lives and works in the area, choose Bio Scene Clean Up.

Bio Scene Clean Up is locally owned by Marc Onesta who performs crime scene cleanup, murder scene cleanup along with his trained technicians. Bio Scene Clean Up is locally based and services the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas. Bio Scene Clean Up prides itself by performing excellent customer service and superior cleanup services. Trust who you call, hire local professionals that depend on their reputation for continued service.

Bio Scene Clean Up is a highly specialized cleaning company that provides murder and homicide scene cleanup services for families, property management, etc. to recover the scene as carefully as possible to provide a clean and safe environment.


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Bio Scene Clean Up is a highly specialized cleaning company that provides bio-hazardous and crime scene cleanup services to people involved in horrific situations.

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Bio Scene Clean Up is a highly specialized cleaning company that provides bio - hazardous and trauma scene cleanup services to people involved in medical emergencies.

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Suicides are a very unfortunate event for families to experience, and Bio Scene Clean Up is here to help with Suicide Cleanup Services if you ever need us.