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Disinfecting Services Florida

Providing Florida with
Biohazard Cleanup

Do you need Disinfecting Services For:

  • Homes or Apartments
  • Hotels and Motels
  • School Classrooms
  • Busses/Public Transportation
  • Locker/Changing Rooms
  • Retail Shopping Carts
  • Office/Commercial Buildings
  • Police Recommended
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • FL DOH Registered
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Unmarked Vehicles
  • Professional Crew
  • 2-3 Hr Response Time

Florida Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services

Bio Scene Clean Up can provide disinfecting services in time critical situations such as a bacteria or viral outbreak at a business or school. Unlike maid services or janitorial services that perform sanitizing, our disinfecting methods are the most thorough available. Bio Scene Clean Up destroys bacteria with EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants. Our disinfecting services are effective against; toxic and pathogenic spores, a full spectrum of bacteria,MRSA such as Staphylococcus- Staff Infection, E. coli and Salmonella, and many viruses, such as HIV and Hepatitis.

Bio Scene Clean Up uses the industry-leading “Hot Steam Vapor” disinfecting method to ensure deep, thorough and complete disinfecting. Proper pre-cleaning is necessary for any disinfectant applied to work effectively. Bio Scene Clean Up’s “Hot Steam Vapor” form of pre-cleaning and disinfecting service that uses hot pressurized steam to safely disinfect items or areas. Our “Hot Steam Vapor” disinfecting methods uses no harmful chemicals and can eliminate any micro-organism threat within seconds.

Bio Scene Clean Up services all of Florida. Bio Scene Clean Up provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all disinfecting services it provides. Hire local, hire a locally based certified and qualified professional for all of your disinfecting needs, Hire Bio Scene Clean Up Today!!


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Bio Scene Clean Up is a highly specialized cleaning company that provides bio-hazardous and crime scene cleanup services to people involved in horrific situations.

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Bio Scene Clean Up is a highly specialized cleaning company that provides bio - hazardous and trauma scene cleanup services to people involved in medical emergencies.

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Suicides are a very unfortunate event for families to experience, and Bio Scene Clean Up is here to help with Suicide Cleanup Services if you ever need us.